Saturday, June 7, 2008

Progressive Fascism

I am inclined to view the ideology and goals of the Democratic Party as being akin to Fascism.

When most people reference fascism, they are thinking of specific ideologies rather than a form or manner of government. When I consider the whole of the Liberal Democratic agenda and how they go about establishing their utopia, it strikes me as fascism. Now, it occurred to me that maybe I shouldn’t toss that word around too lightly; after all, I am thoroughly put out when allegedly educated and rational people irresponsibly compare President Bush to Hitler.

So, I went to the dictionary:

Fascism: A system of government marked by centralized dictatorial authority, stringent socioeconomic controls regimenting industry, commerce, etc., forcible suppression of opposition and criticism through terror and censorship, and emphasizing an aggressive nationalist ideology and often racism.
Is anyone else as wigged out as I am right now?

“A system of government marked by centralized dictatorial authority…”
Correct me if I’m wrong, but it is the Democratic platform that continues to advocate additional federal (centralized) oversight governing all manner of American life, including our beliefs. If you think it’s not dictatorial, try telling the IRS you’re not paying taxes because you don’t support certain government programs.

“…stringent socioeconomic controls regimenting all industry, commerce, etc…”
Consider entitlement programs, proposals to tax the rich in order to redistribute their wealth more equitably, blind support of unions over industry, and my personal favorite, socialized medicine. There is little argument against this qualification as fascism, one only need look at his paycheck.

“…forcible suppression of opposition and criticism through terror and censorship…”
Many people might balk at this one, but consider that it can take as little as one phone call to the authorities for the police to show up at your door and spirit your children away. If you so much as think about questioning the Liberal groupthink on affirmative action or “diversity,” you will immediately be labeled a bigot and ostracized. Where debate has been unquestionably excluded by doctrine, freedom will eventually be quenched by fascism.

“…emphasizing an aggressive nationalist ideology…”
Some in our nation rally around the nation; others rally instead around the word “freedom.” The specific agenda is irrelevant, if it is adopted and propagated as the nation’s banner, it is a form of nationalistic agenda. Our nation has always championed freedom, only in recent generations have we advocated freedom without responsibility. This progressive perception of freedom is sweeping the nation and is the rally cry of Liberals from sea to shining sea.

“…and often racism”
Any law that discerns between races and sanctions different benefits, rights, or freedoms for one race over another is racist, regardless of its intention; affirmative action is institutional racism.

Now, obviously we’ve yet to cast aside pretenses and embrace fascism…yet, but we do seem to be moving in that direction.

Other comparisons:

Most, if not all, fascist movements have started as populist movements which fed on the fears, misfortunes, and perceptions of injustice of the nation’s poor. The poor supported the movement because it promised “hope” and “change,” but by the time they realized power and not justice motivated their would be leaders, their suffering had increased ten fold.

Most, if not all, fascist movements have railed against religion, many against Christianity. Is it a coincidence that our government is continually being moved toward the adoption of an atheistic/anti-Christian agenda under the auspices of “separation of church and state?”

Most, if not all, fascist movements eventually oppress the people and ultimately use the nation’s military against its citizens. I’d like to say the Second Amendment prevents that from ever happening in the US, except that the Second Amendment is continuously under attack by you know who.

Now are you wiggin’?

In conclusion, I think this is the point where we congratulate Barack Obama on winning the Democratic Presidential nomination. In his honor, I will goose-step around the room shouting “African American power” for a full five minutes.