Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Government...with a capital "G"

The Government is officially justifying itself; of the Government, for the Government, by the Government.

The public outcry against the Government exerting control within private industry is repeatedly justified by pointing out that “they (private industry) took TARP (bailout) money, so now the Government has the right.”

So, the Government proposed the use of taxpayer funds to rescue (bailout) private industry. Taxpayers overwhelmingly responded to their elected officials indicating our majority disapproval of the concept. The Government proceeded over public outcries and objections. Later, the Government starts exercising unconstitutional influence over private industry. The taxpayers object, but are told that because the private industry took bailout money, the Government now has a justifiable stake granting it otherwise unconstitutional authority.

So, if the Government had heeded our voice and not forced the bailout on us, then the Government would have heeded our voice and not forced private industry to bend to its will?

Now I understand.

Initially, the Government, by its own authority, usurped our freedom unconstitutionally because the Government deemed its will superior to the will of the people. Then later when the Government overtly extended its unconstitutional reach into private industry, the justification was the Government’s original usurpation of the people’s will and constitutional rights.

How is the Government doing this? They have a conman at the helm, the media in their pocket, and they have bought off the uneducated masses with empty populist promises of redistributed wealth.