Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Equal vote, equal rights, equal taxes…period.

If you found yourself in a debate with the Ku Klux Klan, would your counter argument to white supremacy be “sure, whites are indeed the supreme race, but some non-whites aren’t all bad?”

I didn’t think so.

Why then do Republicans always begin discussions about America’s obviously broken tax scheme (as in confidence game), by acquiescing some measure of acceptable disparity in tax rates? Such appeasements completely undermine the constitutional argument of tax equity.

The political argument that those Americans deemed to be rich should pay more than other Americans is asinine. It’s the complete equivalent of arguing, “It’s not wrong to steal from the rich, they can afford it.” Never mind that stealing is wrong. The only thing more absurd than such arguments, are the masses who blindly give the government the authority to trample the rights of their fellow Americans.

Certainly all Americans cannot pay the same amount, but they can and should pay the same percentage. At the risk of straying off topic, I offer that we should tax equally at let’s say 10% across the board. Tax season would consist of one simple question: did you pay your 10%. The simplicity alone would likely save billions. Tax preparation services would be a thing of the past.

To those who would argue 10% isn’t enough, I say it’s enough if the American people say it’s enough. With ALL Americans paying taxes, when asked whether 10% would be enough to run the government, all Americans would be equally motivated to consider the full impact of that question. Furthermore, the government would be held accountable for spending within its means.

Currently, scores of individuals contribute little or nothing to the government coffers, and many take far more than they contribute. Meanwhile politicians devise scheme after expensive scheme to purchase votes, such as the political bribery of the tax argument to take from the alleged rich minority and give to the alleged poor majority. The staggeringly apparent conflict of interest is the beloved 800 pound pet gorilla that the mainstream liberal media adores beyond reason and objectivity.

One question: Where is the constitution in all this?

Equal vote, equal rights … graduated taxes?

Where are we headed, what’s with this hand basket, and why are we in such a hurry?