Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Because I Say

In case you doubt that many politicians live in their own little world according to their own rules and reality, check this out.

According to Senator Harry Reid (D), paying taxes is "voluntary." I'd like to say that he was referencing an earlier time, except I don't recall any time or place in the history of any culture when taxes were voluntary. The very notion of tax implies force or strain, so I’m not sure where Reid is coming from.

Perhaps he’s referencing the notion that our elected representatives were allegedly doing our bidding (according to their job descriptions) when they proposed and passed laws mandating alleged free citizens to surrender their income so it might be doled out according to the political expediency, whim, and fancy of the mean, enlightened...class.

If all it takes for taxes to be considered “donations” is Harry Reid’s creative phraseology, it is no wonder the current administration is able to follow the current path and call it constitutional; because they say so.

When the definitions of freedom, prosperity, and justice are wholly bound by the subjective constraint of authority, that is the true mark of tyranny.