Friday, January 28, 2011

So much for unity.

First, allow me to admit I did not listen to the entire State of the Union address…or any of it for that matter. I’ve never been one for pep rallies, and I’m allergic to malarkey. I did, however, catch a few of the sound bites, courtesy of CNN and FOX, confirming for me the SOTU is a strain of the plague and to be avoided.

In the CNN bite President Obama urged unity, while in the FOX bite he renewed his class warfare on the rich.

Now, I know main stream media claims FOX is biased, but FOX simply played the words that Obama spoke. CNN also only played the words Obama spoke. So, the question is which message was the truth.

I think it’s pretty easy to realize the typical “rich folks need to give more” is not a message of unity. How exactly do you get credit for crossing the aisle when you only crossed over to try to pick someone’s pocket?

According to Obama, CNN, and the rest of the left, unity is defined as the rich ponying up their dough to the state. I can’t imagine why that would constitute an insurmountable ideological obstacle to unity.

I’ll cut CNN some slack this time and chalk up their interpretation of the SOTU to optimism, rather than propaganda.