Saturday, October 4, 2008

Misplaced Devotion

The young men in the video repeatedly recite, “because of Obama.”


Are they saying that before Obama, they had no skills or intelligence, no desire or ambition, no drive or motivation, and no resources or opportunities?

Yes, that’s exactly what they’re saying.

It isn’t remotely true, but that’s the kind of thinking that helps keep the Democrats in power over black America: You can’t do anything yourself, because they (e.g. Republicans, whites) are going to hold you down; only with our help will you succeed.

It’s an insidious message that keeps black Americans from recognizing their own potential and makes them beholden to the Democratic Party to such a degree that while they are absolved of owning their failures, they are inhibited from owning their successes.

The same tactic is evident in Obama’s Presidential campaign; he enjoys political success due to America’s racial unity, yet claims America’s racial unity is due to his political success. Obama asserts that only his election to the Presidency will prove or demonstrate America’s racial unity, obligating Americans to elect him or forfeit decades of racial progress.

So, just as America can accurately state, “because of Democrats” America is continuously chained to a racial past that has no rational application in our day and only prevents us from recognizing and capitalizing on decades of racial progress,…

…the young men in the video could just as accurately state, “because of Obama” black children are unable to accomplish anything or think for themselves unless someone of their own race does it first, depriving black youth of the ability to identify with their peers and achieve equal success even in their own eyes.

What happens when Obama doesn’t win the White House?

The fire, dependent on Obama, will go out, and just as an external force was attributed the credit for success, an external force will be attributed blame for the lack of action.

In reality, Obama is just another politician America deems unqualified for the job, and the young men in the video are just young kids witheld from their own culture, ripe with role models of different skin color than their own.

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